Story of Nimet

Boon Water
“Hi, my name is BoonNimet. I know it sounds like a funny name, but it is actually a Turkish name and it means ‘boon’ or ‘blessing’. I come from the country of Turkey and my father gave me this name because he believes that I am a blessing to our family and the world. He says my smile and fun-loving energy brings joy and goodness to people that I meet. Because of this, he wants to make sure that I remain healthy, and stay energized and full of life. He gives me nourishing food and lots of water that is beneficial to my health.

Water is also a blessing. But, it’s a blessing from nature. It is fresh, full of minerals, and you need it to live. I learned, though, that not all waters are like this. Some waters don’t have minerals because there are chemicals put in them. And other waters come from bad sources. That is why I drink Boon water. If I want to stay as healthy as I can to continue to be a blessing to my family and friends, then I should drink nature’s true blessing. I love Boon Water.”

Nimet Özdemir