Story of Boon


Since we last met, the amount of water in your body has decreased. Maybe it’s from running for a bus or trying to catch the subway. Or maybe even just from sweating under the hot sun. If this is the case, then finding me was a good move. I am the water that you are holding in your hands. My name is Boon and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am no ordinary water that you would want to walk by without even giving a passing glance. Please listen to my story:

I was born as a part of nature’s beauty amongst the tall green trees of the forested mountains and the chirping birds in the sky. The sound of my flowing through nature was my response to their lively chirping. However before coming to this beautiful forested mountain, I went on a very long journey. Like I mentioned before, my name is Boon, a centuries old word meaning blessing. Like my name, I come from very old times. My journey started in the sky as precipitation. I came down as rain and seeped through the earth, absorbing minerals from the rocks and soil, until I finally made my way to the mountains of Sakarya. This journey, however, took hundreds of years. Until now, I only gave nourishment to the trees and the birds. However, I felt a strange sadness from within knowing that I could be a blessing to more. In order to make myself feel better, I decided to find you.

I was set to find people who could help me meet you, but I had one rule: No one in any way would change my natural state or purity. They will accept me just the way I am. I will not be infected with chemicals or mixed with ozone and be stripped of my minerals. I will not have my perfectly balanced pH level changed. The fluoride that I am filled with will not be taken and my calcium content will remain high in order to give you strong teeth and bones. I will remain pure, mineral rich, and ozone free to give you the highest quality of myself as a blessing from nature.

I have heard from the birds that travel and wander in the city of waters that are mixed with chlorine and ozone, claiming that it disinfects and cleans water. However, these processes can cause dangerous by-products and strip the water of their minerals. I am not like those waters though. I will not change who I am or lose what is good and important in order to make the big companies happy.

But, I finally found good people who accepted my rule and helped me meet you. I am just the same as I am when in the mountains. The only difference is that I have a new outfit. I have been put in these clothes with no extra processes or contact with foreign chemicals or substances. This is how I am. As you now know, I am not like other waters. I am different. I am rich in minerals and give you a perfectly balanced pH. I am not mixed with chemicals or ozone. I am taken directly from nature, in my originally pure state straight into your bottle. I am nature’s blessing to you. It is a huge pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again soon.