Minerals in Boon

  • Calcium

    Calcium is important for building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. It is commonly found in dairy products, such as yogurt, milk and cheese, as well as leafy green vegetables and some types of fish. Water can also be a good source of calcium if it comes from the right source. Too much calcium however has been proven to have harmful effects on the human body, such as heart attacks and strokes. The daily recommended intake of calcium for the average adult is 1,000 mg/day and because you already get a large amount of calcium from food sources, Boon’s calcium content of 37.5 mg/L gives you just enough without being too much. Plus, it’s natural!

  • Minerals in Boon
  • Chloride

    Chloride is a very important electrolyte in the blood that keeps the amount of fluids inside and outside of your cells balanced. Usually chloride is added to water when the water has been processed or chemically treated. Boon Natural Mineral Water is completely natural, taken straight from the source with no chemical treatment. However, we still have a chloride content of 1.07 mg/L. You can get chloride in many foods, such as vegetables, but it’s good to have the benefit of it naturally being in your water.

  • Fluoride

    Fluoride is an important mineral for keeping teeth healthy and preventing tooth decay. It is often added to bottled and municipal tap water, as well as other consumer products because of these benefits. The Australian Dental Association confirmed that adding fluoride to water decreased the amount of tooth decay in Australia by 20-60%. However, it has also been found that too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis. The recommended daily intake of fluoride for an average adult is 3 mg/day. With Boon’s naturally occurring amount of 0, 12 mg/L of fluoride, along with the fluoride in toothpaste and various other foods, you are getting the right amount of fluoride. The fluoride in Boon water is completely natural.

  • Magnesium

    Magnesium is important for many different parts of the human body including the heart, blood pressure, teeth and bones. Boon Natural Mineral water does not remove any of the naturally occurring magnesium from our water, leaving it with a magnesium content of 1.7 mg/L.

  • Bicarbonate

    Bicarbonate is necessary for digestion and buffers the lactic acids in your body. When your body becomes more acidic due to the foods you eat, exercise or stress, bicarbonate is what balances those acids. It is extremely important for our kidneys and also prevents cavities. Usually carbonated waters contain high levels of bicarbonate, but Boon’s Natural Mineral Water has 122 mg/L, which is very high compared to most still waters.

  • Potassium

    Potassium is important for keeping the heart functioning properly. It also plays an important role in muscle contraction and normal digestive processing. Boon Water has a natural potassium content of 0.3 mg/L.

  • Sodium

    Sodium is important for keeping fluids balanced and influences the contraction and relaxation of muscles. However, too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease, and a buildup of fluids. In today’s world many foods contain high sodium content. Because of this, it is important to not be getting too much extra from the water you drink. Boon Natural Mineral Water has a very low sodium content of 2.6 mg/L and is good for a low sodium diet.